The MDI Data Services API

An API, or Application Programming Interface, facilitates communication between applications through a standard communication protocol.

The Data Services API is an endeavor by MDI to standardize and expand the communication between the MDI platform (FIMMAS) and external applications. It is not a replacement for the applications used by home office staff.

The Data Services API provides the building blocks necessary to provide your users with secure access to the MDI platform. The Data Services API does not provide any specific display formatting. Only raw data is passed through the API in JSON format and it is up to the client-side implementation to style the data as needed.

The Data Services API is organized around REST principles and design patterns. The API, by default, strives to define predictable URLs and use standard HTTP response codes, http headers, and HTTP methods. All of these are customizable from within the platform’s API mapping, allowing you to securely interact with our API from any external application. All response bodies are JSON encoded.

The Data Services API allows you to connect your existing End-User Web Portals with the MDI platform.