A fast, hassle-free implementation is as important to us as it is to you. With 40 years of experience behind us, we have the expertise and proven processes to get you up and running quickly.

“The MDI system is simple to use and MDI is a valued and trusted partner that wants to ensure our success.”

Lisa Bickus, 1891 Financial CEO

System Configuration Design

There are many ways to configure your networks and administrative support systems to provide secure access for home or back-office staff, agents, brokers, customers, carriers, and reinsurers or any other stakeholders.

Our services include capacity planning, evaluation of configuration alternatives, and system design.

Implementation Planning

MDI's experience in system implementation can help you organize your resources to meet your implementation objectives, deadlines, and budget. Many variables affect the implementation approach that will be most effective for your organization:

  • The time constraints for project completion
  • The complexity of the product, systems, or functions to be implemented
  • The scope and complexity of needed modifications
  • The number and complexity of interfaces
  • The skills and availability of in-house resources

We can help you devise and manage the process that best keeps your project on time and within budget.

Conversion Services

The MDI platform provides utilities for converting historical data and table configuration for inclusion in conversion activities. Additional custom conversion programs can be developed as needed to match the data formats or special handling requirements of existing data files. MDI services include initial data analysis, modification or development of conversion utilities, and review/testing of converted data.

Our Conversion Utilities Provide:

  • Initial data analysis
  • Modification/development of conversion utilities
  • Review/testing of converted data Integrity checks
  • Compare version edits
  • Cross reference checks
  • Data dictionary reports
  • Unreferenced objects reports
  • Balancing reports
  • Custom conversion programs
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