Your agents, brokers, policyholders and other authorized remote users can access information online with our end-user web portals. The MDI platform (FIMMAS) provides a portal out-of-the-box or you can customize it to match your logo and branding for a consistent user experience. 


Menus and screens for remote offices can be tailored to show only those fields and functions for which the remote user has security clearance. Reports can be easily generated and printed at the user location, with significant savings in time and expense. This facilitates strong central control for security, auditing, and data integrity while also giving users increased flexibility,  productivity, speed and self-service.

Agent Portal
PolicyHolder Portal
Group and Worksite

Agent End-User Web Portal

The agent End-User Web Portal enables agents to:

  • View their inforce policies to find information about their clients.
  • Monitor their business.
  • View their unpaid commissions and past commission statements.
  • Change addresses or profile information.

Upcoming features will allow agents to:

  • Monitor the status of applications and provide information and documents that facilitate their move to an inforce status.
  • Display totals of different types of commissions: advance, earned and bonus.
  • Access a documents and forms area for frequently needed documents and product and promotion information.

Portal Agent Dashboard
This is an example of an Agent End-user Web Portal. It can be branded by the company and provides quick access to a wide variety of data ranging from the dashboard view (above) to statements, commissions, new applications, policies, documents, tax forms and ability to edit a profile.
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